sourdough bread


What is sourdough? How do you make it, how do you maintain it and how do you start baking bread? We go through all stages of baking with sourdough. Controlling the fermentation process is discussed extensively. During this workshop, you will learn to bake three "basic loaves".

This workshop is intended for home bakers who have never made bread or only yeast bread and / or who do not manage to ferment with sourdough.

What do you take home?

  • A gray and wholemeal wheat bread and a spelt (hulled wheat) bread
  • A handy handout
  • Sourdough

The workshop lasts:

  • 7 hours (from 10am to 5pm)

Cost: € 115 per person


  • Join a date mentioned on our Dutch pages - we can easily translate some jargon for you on the fly
  • or organise a date with your group of minimum 6 English speaking persons.

Location: Ferme Framboos or at your location