About us


Marjolijn Bloemmen created Bakhuis Bo & Co out of love for tasty and healthy bread. She bakes old-style bread and learned the skills from French bakers. She initially shared her passion as a baker selling bread through subscription programmes, now with workshops. Marjolijn makes 'slow bread' from slow-grown grain, slow-ground flour and slow-fermented dough. Thanks to the action of time, bread develops its natural flavor and nutritional value.

Marjolijn is specialized in fermenting with sourdough and baking with wood. However, not everyone has a wood oven and sometimes you feel like eating yeast bread. That is why at every workshop you receive instructions on how to bake in your oven at home and how to ferment slowly with yeast. Leaven is a bit more complicated than yeast to work with, because the bacteria and wild yeasts in the sourdough behave stubbornly. Wood ovens also have their own characteristics that you should get to know.

The workshops of Marjolijn (an engineer by origin) are a mix of theory and practice and are aimed at making you as a (home) baker autonomous and creative in making your bread. So you don't just come for a day of baking, but you learn what it takes to reproduce at home what you learned at the workshop. In this approach personal guidance is important. That is why we work in small groups.


    You can ferment bread slowly, with sourdough, yeast or both. The longer you ferment, the healthier and more digest your bread will become. If you put sourdough cold, you get acetic fermentation for a spicy taste. If you keep it warm, you favor lactic fermentation for a smoother taste.

    In our workshops you will learn to understand the fermentation process in order to consciously control the taste and nutritional value of your bread.


    Wood gives that irreplaceable aroma to bread, and wood ovens are cozy places that connect people through good food. The value of wood ovens is therefore being rediscovered.

    Oven and dough must be ready at the same time. This skill has largely been lost. Bo & Co wants to fill this gap by consciously organizing its workshops with a wood oven, either at our place or at your place.