Our shop


For the time being, we bake once a week on Thursdays.

We are looking for our own hub in the surroundings of Terlanen.  Meanwhile, we use the bakery of Graines de Vie in Nethen.

We deliberately limit our offer and bake to order only, to be able to focus on quality instead of quantity.

We bake in tins, so you can cut square sandwiches from our bread that fit well in your lunch box. Our small loaves weigh 400g, the large ones 800g. We deliver our bread unslized and unpackaged.


We do not have a shop yet, so we bring our bread to various collection points in the Terlanen area. At the bottom of this page you will find a handy overview table.

The easiest way to order our bread is to take a subscription - with this you order and pay in advance for a specific period. If you prefer more flexibility, you can order weekly and pay with a bread card. At some collection points you can get bread without ordering.


A bread subscription is a formula where you opt for a weekly bread delivery, at a collection point of your choice. The current subscription period is till December 30th. Enrollment is possible at any time by sending us an email at info@bakhuis-boco.be.

You choose once which type of bread you want to receive: at least 1 and as many as you want. If you can not or do not want to choose (because all our bread is delicous), opt for a so-called 'wisselbrood'.

After ordering your subscription, you will receive the bank details of the bakery and you will be asked to transfer the total amount before the first delivery. You can request your subscription via the order form. When your subscription ends, we will ask you if you wish to renew.

When you go on holidays, you should preferably have someone else to collect your bread. In this way you help to promote our bakery. You can also have your bread delivered on an alternative date from the subscription period. Please notify us by email no later than one week before delivery. You can also start your subscription after your summer holidays.


A bread menu is a flexible formula, where you choose your type of bread and collection point every week.

Because you cannot leave any money at collection points, we work with a prepayment of 25, 50 or 100 euros. This credit is 'debited' by us with every order. You can request your bread card via the order form.

Credit is always valid and will be refunded at the end of June, or sooner if you request it. If your credit has been used up prematurely, you will receive a message from us.


Pre-ordered bread only:

  • Varrendel 8, Terlanen
  • Café 't Klein Verzet - Bollestraat 1, Terlanen
  • Bookshop U.O.P.C, Avenue Gustave Demey 14-16, Auderghem
  • 't Legumenhofke - Nachtegalenstraat 42, Heverlee
  • Keramiekatelier - Andreas Vesaliusstraat 47A/49, Leuven
  • Refugehof 118, Leuven
  • Ferme Framboos - Veeweidestraat 50, Sint-Agatha-Rode

Without ordering:

  • Appelfabriek - Wolfshaegen 130, Neerijse
  • Louis Delhaize - Dorpstraat 27, Bierbeek
  • Biotoop - Zwartzustersstraat 16/2, Leuven
  • The Place To Bio - Brusseslsesteenweg 63, Tervuren

Too far from home or work?

Consider opening a collection point yourself!

Our bread is delivered unpackaged and in bulk. So you have to provide bread bags yourself.

At the collection point there will be a list on which you can find your name and order. It is important that you stick to this order and that you cross out your name when you collect your bread.