Our bread


We bake delicious organic, woodstoved sourdough bread, made from local wheat.  On this page we explain our choices as bakers.


We work with flour that scores better on taste and nutritional value than on baking quality; it contains more minerals and more digestible gluten. We prefer stone-milled flour, because nutritional value and taste are preserved. Which you will notice: with 2 to 3 slices of our bread you will feel satiated. And because our bread is naturally so tasty, it can contain less salt and no other fat than the germ oil. Our bread is therefore lactose-free and vegan. So tasty that toppings are superfluous!


All our sourdough bread is prepared with natural sourdough, without the addition of yeast. We ferment for at least 5 hours to make the minerals from the bran absorbable for your body. We opt for fermentation at room temperature with lactic fermentation. Our sourdough bread, therefore, tastes very mild.


We strongly hydrate our doughs so that our bread can stay fresh for a long time. But wet dough is sticky and unsuitable for mechanized processing. Also due to the conscious use of flours with less gluten, our dough is sticky. That is why we knead by hand. So our bread is 100% handmade.


We deliberately bake with a woodoven. First of all, wood gives that irreplaceable aroma to bread. Wood is also a renewable, local energy source. We used to gather wood with our customers in Meerdaelwoud and we continue to use local firewood. Finally, a bakery with a beautiful wood oven has the potential to grow into a semi-public meeting place, where cozy events connect people. Dorien Knockaert wrote about this (in Dutch) in a series of articles on slow bread.


Sourdough bread naturally keeps for a long time (weeks) and this without additives. It is best to store it unslized, for example in a cotton bag or cloth. Our crumbs remain tender for 2-3 days. If there is still bread left after 3 days, you can toast it. You can also freeze sourdough bread. Use a plastic bag to prevent freezer burn. By slightly moistening bread and baking it for 5 minutes at 200C, it becomes crispy again!


All our bread is free of egg, milk, soy and lupine, celery, peanuts, mustard, fish, molluscs, crustaceans and sulfur dioxide. Walnut bread contains nuts and sesame seeds are not contained in bread with seeds. All bread can contain traces of nuts, but we work in an allergy-conscious way that prevents cross-contamination as much as possible. All bread contains wheat gluten. However, the choice of varieties, the long fermentation and high degree of hydration make our bread easily digestible for gluten intolerants, but not for celiac patients.